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About Us Strong presence in capital markets

Targeting the leadership in meeting financial return and service quality expectations of its clients, Deniz Investment was established in January 1998 as a DenizBank subsidiary. We have pioneered in several areas and obtained a leading position among capital market institutions by offering investment banking services in an effective and transparent manner while taking into account the common denominator made up of clients, employees, shareholders and regulatory institutions, thanks to the synergy generated through our corporate structure, professional management team and 262 DenizBank branches.

Deniz Investment has had many achievements in the capital markets in the eight years between itsestablishment in 1998 and 2006

  • Acquisition of Tektas. Securities-January 2000 The first merger of brokerage houses realized in Turkish capital markets
  •  Initial Public Offering of Fenerbahce Sportif-February 2004 Over six-fold in subscriptions from small-size individual investors
  • Initial Public Offering of Trabzonspor Sportif-April 2005 Over eight-fold in subscriptions from small-size individual investors
  • Initial Public Offering of Bank Asya - May 2006

Almost fifty-fold in subscriptions from individual and foreign corporate investors. Deniz Investment alone registered EUR 615 million in subscriptions. With the largest agent network in Turkey, Deniz Investment ranks second among more than 100 brokerage houses in terms of average market share in the last three years. Deniz Investment reached a 5.44% market share in 2006 with a trading volume of TL 35,385 million (EUR 19,111 million). As of year-end 2006 Deniz Investment has 47,915 active customer accounts and TL 1,658 million (EUR 895 million) worth of assets in customer portfolios.


Aiming leadership in fulfilment of our clients’financial return and service quality expectations, being permanently reputable and trustworthy in the Turkish Capital Markets.


Becoming a top player among all brokerage houses.


Preserving current presence in the market and taking it one step further.


About Us