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Our History Milestones of our history..


DenizYatırım set sail on 15th of May


2,431 clients and 8 branches
Ranked 64th of among 130 brokerage houses, 0.7% market share.


Acquisition of Tektas Securities-first acquisition in Turkish Capital Markets
IPO of Zorlu Enerji
Ranked 30th among 129 brokerage houses, 1.4% market share.
14,309 clients and 30 branches


Initiation of on-line trading
Received AOQC Moody International’s ISO 9001 certification
Acquired Demir Yatırım Ortaklığı from SDIF
Ranked 15th among 126 brokerage houses, 2.3% market share.
17,848 clients and 32 branches


27,055 clients and 60 branches
Ranked 3rd among 119 brokerage houses, 4.2% market share
Acquired Ekspres Invest from SDIF


38,745 clients and 91 branches
Ranked 2nd among 117 brokerage houses, 4.68% market share
Acquired Ege Portföy Yönetim From SDIF and renamed as Deniz Portföy Yönetimi.
Launched call centre


65,700 clients and 101 branches
Ranked 2nd among 112 brokerage houses, 5.85% market share.
Co-lead managed IPO of Denizbank
IPO of Fenerbahce


78,477 clients and 122 branches.
Ranked 4th among 107 brokerage houses, 5.1% market share.
Financial Advisor with BNP Paribas for Privatization Administration for Turk Telekom IPO of Trabzonspor


103,897 clients and 134 branches
Ranked 4th among 105 brokerage houses, 5.4% market share
Launched ICM division in order to broaden foreign client base


119.500 clients and 118 branches
Ranked 3rd among 105 brokerage houses, 3.62% market share
Electronic Trading (EDA+DMA) via GL Trade

Our History